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    16/02/2022 - Paul McManus, B.A. Chinese & International Business 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach.

    The Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach

    Life coach Certification

    Online Life Coach Training.

    We are entering a new era of reflection and contemplation brought on by the recent pandemic. People from all walks of life, are asking themselves “Is this it? Is this all I am?” These questions and many more are echoing in the halls and chambers of their minds. Many are realising that that the way things used to be, were not fulfilling, and a realisation that they are unhappy at the way things are currently panning out. Those Seeking a change in life direction, has grown exponentially – a bit like the pandemic itself – that change can be a major life-changing one such ah as re-training for a new career, questioning personal relationships to simply joining a gym to  improve one’s feeling of wellbeing.  Seeking personal growth and development are also a big part of the change. The world of life coaching has been at the forefront for several decades now at assisting clients achieving these goals.

    You, or you may know people who are feeling a little bit lost, overwhelmed, they are seemingly wandering around not sure what to do. You will see this at the office or even at the bus stop. Now more than ever, people are looking for someone to help them develop new and exciting ways to fulfil their sense of purpose. Lifestyle changes are occurring all around the world, and a new awakening is in motion.  We have come out of the pandemic, the lockdowns have all but ceased - it is a time of change. Life coaching has been the adjunct that many have used to deal with these powerful issues.

    Life coaches are the enablers of purpose and change. They empower people to find their infinite possibilities. The gift of being able to walk part of the way with someone as they start their journey to new horizons is one of the most precious gifts you can receive

    What makes a great coach? Do you feel empathy for others? Do you want people to succeed at manifesting life-goals, are you a great listener, capable of asking powerful questions? Can you empower and transform those around you? If the answer is “no” to any of the questions, don’t worry, these skills can be learned.

    Choosing a training company can be likened to a journey through a maze with so many training providers advertising their services online. Probably the most important consideration is to choose one that has international accreditation. Next check the reviews, is the full name of the reviewer used or just the persons initials. If a course is good enough to comment on it, why would one not use their full name. I always suspect that sales companies invent them. And of course, the biggest influence on a training course is the skill of the trainers – check this on the provider’s website.

    After considerable research I chose an accredited Life coach training courses that provided me the skills to deliver a professional coaching session, and during the journey, I experience considerable self-growth and personal development. Self-awareness and self-confidence were part of the curriculum. So it wasn’t just a course in coaching, it was an experience in growth.

    Paul McManus, Bachelor's Degree in Chinese and International Business. Diploma Life Coaching from Mindstream Life Coach Training.
    Life Coach Training Provider:       Mindstream Life Coach Training,


    Mindstream Contact details: 

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  • 02/11/2021 - Ariana Dunne, Senior Accredited Coach 0 Comments
    Life Coaching Courses for Post-Lockdown Anxiety by Learning How to Say No.

     Life Coaching Courses Online - Social Anxiety Post-Lockdown and Learning to Say No.

    It’s a time to celebrate the reopening of our world to the new “normal”.  Restaurants and nightclubs fully operational, staycations being planned, holidays getting booked, a staged-return to our offices and breathing life back into our cities. We are filled with the excitement of seeing friends, family and work colleagues again after our forced separation. But many people who have come to me for coaching over the past few weeks are experiencing a new kind of social anxiety….a fear of meeting up.

    We have been so conditioned over the last 12 months to be distant, to not touch each other, avoid crowded places, conduct most of our business lives via a computer screen so suddenly the idea of abandoning these newly learned behaviours and fears is causing many people to be consumed with worry.

    It’s not just a fear of catching a virus - as of course vaccinations are helping with that. But the idea of ‘life returning to normal’ forces us to change what has become our ‘new normal’.

    While lockdown came with many challenges it also gave many people a chance to slow down and reset. It made us rethink our goals, adjust our plans and look at new, and sometimes better, ways of doing things.

    Spending more quality time with family, getting back to nature, avoiding the daily commute, communicating more with our neighbours were just some of the ways we improved the quality of our lives. And so with the world returning to ‘normality’ many people are concerned about potentially losing this new sense of balance in their lives.

    In a world where many peoples currency was ‘being busy’ the pandemic meant people could legitimately do nothing and not feel bad about it. People stopped rushing and a slower pace of life showed people that being idle came with many benefits. Now as social and work diaries start to fill up with restaurant bookings, weddings and face to face life coaching client meetings we need to ensure we don’t plunge in too deeply at the beginning by remember to use the power of saying no.

    So how do we say no, without feeling like we are missing out.

    1. Be clear on your priorities. Knowing what serves you best and helps you towards achieving your goals will help you to know when saying no is goal affirming and not something to be seen as a negative.

    2. Know that saying no also means saying yes. You only have so much time to do all the things you want to do so saying no to one thing means you can say yes to something else.

    3. Bide your time. Take your considering a request, don’t feel like you need to give your answer straight away. Consider all your options before getting back to someone.

    5. Try ‘no’ for now. Letting a person know you want to do something but it’s just not the best time is a great way of saying no. Offer alternative dates at times that suit you best.

    6. Ask for support. If your find your plate getting full, ask for help getting some things done more efficiently so you can free up more time for you. Make an Important, Urgent, Not Important, Not Urgent matrix to help you figure out what you need to do first and what can wait.

    7. Just say no. This is often the simplest but hardest solution but an unapologetic and firm no to something can be so life affirming.

    For more tips or if you are interested in coaching or partaking in any of our coaching courses please get in touch.

    Ariana Dunne is an accredited APC Life and Business Coach and a Senior Facilitator with Mindstream.


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  • Life Coaching Courses Online
  • 07/07/2020 - Seann Farrell 0 Comments
    Life Coaching Training Courses for Creating The Person You Seek To Be

    Online Life Coaching Courses.

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  • 07/07/2020 - Press Release from Colombia. 0 Comments
    Mindstream Life Coaching Courses Delivered in Colombia Press Release.

    Mindstream Life Coaching Courses Press Release"

    A Dublin based training company - Mindstream Life Coaching Training Courses - has made the headlines in Colombia after it delivered the first Business Coaching seminar in the Latin American country´s Caribbean coast.

    Mindstream gave the two-day seminar this weekend in Cartagena, with a focus on leadership, motivational skills, achieving goals and improving relationships in the workplace and overall create a more productive environment.

    Students included business leaders, politicians and university chiefs in the event held in Sinu University in Cartagena, the coastal city popular for international business conferences and political summits.

    Silvia Bandera, head of Continuing Education at the university, who oversaw the seminar, said there was a welcome boost in interest in the coaching programme after it was covered by local newspaper El Universal.

    “People went crazy calling with questions: what is this? How do we sign-up?”

    The programme was delivered by Seann Farrell, owner of Mindstream, a member of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring, he has been delivering lifestyle and business coaching programmes for more than 20 years.

    Farrell said he was taken aback by the welcome from the Colombians, and admired that participants were so open about their personal lives, and eagerness to develop themselves.

    “I found them far more willing (than Europeans) to express their emotions, and they spoke comfortably of their love for their family and their spiritual experiences.”

    Ms Bandera said Sinu University had decided to host a coaching programme after noting the need in Colombia for new and open-minded ways of thinking, particularly on the back of the recent Free Trade Agreement the country signed with the United States, and overall rise in foreign businesses and investment in Colombia.

    “There´s a need for new ways to think differently,” said Ms Bandera. “We´re opening up more to the world around us.”

    She added: “Coaching is only starting in Colombia. Few people know what it is … and this is the first time a foreigner has come to Cartagena for coaching. “

    “And it´s a great opportunity for us to have a coach from Ireland. We invited Seann Farrell for his innovative knowledge in this area,” she said, adding that his accreditation with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring was a selling point.

    Sinu University has invited Mindstream to deliver a further two-day and a four-day diploma coaching seminar next year, said Ms Bandera, after the response from the participants at the weekend.

    “People were very happy and said the coach was excellent,” she said.

    In addition to the two-day seminar, Farrell delivered two lectures on coaching to audiences of over 200 in both Cartagena and to the university in Monteria in the west of Colombia.

    Farrell said he was keen to return to Colombia and deliver more coaching seminars into the future. “It is a new and exciting market for Coaching, as business people are now becoming aware of the benefits for executives and industry.

    “We expect to be involved in coach-training in Colombia for many years.”

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