About Us

Established in 2000 by Seann Farrell (AFC) and subsequently taken over by Ariana Dunne (ASC) in 2023, we deliver internationally recognised online coaching-courses, designed to create Self Empowerment and Self-Awareness in both the coach and client and to positively influence the well-being and healing of all who use our services.


We use a holistic and mindfulness approach, in a caring and safe environment utilising the entire person, mind, body and spirit to achieve their highest level of possibilities on their unique life-path to fulfilment.

Mindstream programmes are delivered to ensure each participant develops core-coaching-skills to bring to their own lives and on completion of the diploma, to assist others to plan and manifest their life-goals and to deal with the challenges one encounters on a life-journey, to a more fulfilling one. We provide unlimited positive support to all of our highly valued students and graduates.

All our courses reflect the above principles which many thousands have already benefited from and one which I hope will equally be of interest and of help to you. If this appeals to you, you can feel it right now as you read these words, then don't wait, register now for our weekend Certificate in Life coaching .

You can do it here - Register For Our Life Coaching Certificate Course Now.


Our amazing trainers would love you to join us on one soon for this "life-changing" experience.

It's time to get out of your own way and step into a new more empowering life.


- Ariana Dunne - Managing Director Mindstream


Ariana Dunne

Ariana Dunne ASC (Accredited Senior Coach, IAPC&M)

After a successful 18-year career in the media industry, working for some of the largest publishing companies in the world and after retraining as a Life and Executive coach with Mindstream, Ariana decided to embark a new path as a self-employed entrepreneur creating multiple new business-enterprises.

Ariana has coached a vast range of clients and is an accredited ASC with the IAPCM delivering one-to-one coaching, corporate coaching for large corporations, along with recruiting, onboarding and training via her company AMD Coaching and Training LTD. 

Ariana also delivers freelance sales and corporate consulting for various companies, she is an accomplished public speaker and lectures with Mindstream Life Coach Training, The Fitzwilliam Institute, DMAI and the IECS, teaching Digital Media and Marketing.


Ariana has a regular Life Coaching Column in Irish Country Magazine and has made several guest appearances on TV and Radio. She is also the creator and presenter of the podcast 'Solo Powered with Ariana Dunne'. 

Sean Farrell AFC (Accredited Fellow Coach IAPCM)

Seann Farrell AFC (Accredited Fellow Coach IAPCM)

Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist (ADHP) since 1997
Professional Coach since 2000
Coach -Trainer since 2002
NLP Practitioner since 2003

Being self-employed in various businesses for many years,  Seann qualified as a psychotherapist and  trained as a Life Coach in the USA and In 2002 he then set-up Mindstream Life Coach Training. Since then he has trained several thousand students in the art of Life Coaching in Ireland and abroad. In addition, he was chosen from  a worldwide competition of training-providers to deliver his diploma course to two of the top universities in Colombia for their senior-management. 

He has delivered many thousands of hours coaching, along with several thousand workshops and seminars on Life Coaching and meditation techniques.


Seann's life-purpose is to assist others, develop a greater sense of awareness and self-empowerment, to develop an understanding of one’s life-journey and to "Discover the Greatness Within".