About Mindstream

Sean Farrell AFC (Accredited Fellow Coach IAPCM)

Established in 2000, Mindstream has helped countless students embark on their life coaching journey. We offer personal development and life coach training courses in Dublin, across the country, and online. Owned and operated by Seann Farrell, Mindstream is Ireland’s longest established life coach course provider.

Once you have made the decision to embark on a life coaching course the next decision is what training provider to go with. Over the years we have learned that many students are somewhat uncertain and perhaps confused as to which of the many training-providers to choose from. So, we have set-out below the principles on which our courses are designed and I hope it will assist you to decide if this one is for you - or not.

The course was originally developed in 2002 from my own training in Life Coaching with Thomas Leonard in the USA and experience as a practising psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for some years before that. The course has evolved considerably over eighteen-years as my understanding of life and Life Coaching evolved. I have used my own challenging life-experiences, my experience as a practicing psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, an NLP Practitioner, a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher combined, to create the course.


I have also drawn from my experience of some 2.000 hours of team and one-to-one coaching and the delivery of several thousand seminars and workshops, The courses combine several principles including sports psychology, modern-day therapies such as CBT with spirituality and Mindfulness. The training programmes are designed to create an advanced self-awareness, treating all as holistic beings of mind, body and soul.


The motivation behind the Mindstream programmes is to provide each participant with core-coaching-skills to bring to their own lives and on completion of the diploma, to assist others to plan and manifest life goals and to deal with the challenges one encounters on a life-journey and to a more peaceful state-of-mind and fulfilment. The courses are aimed at those interested in Life Coaching rather than Business Coaching.

The courses offered here all reflect the above principles which many have already benefited from and which I hope will equally be of interest and of help to you. If this description of our course appeals to you, then we would love you join us on one soon, along with our amazing trainers. Best wishes to you on your life-journey.


Seann Farrell, CEO of Mindstream

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