Step 1
Complete the Accredited Weekend Life Coaching Certificate Course

Step 2
Complete our 8 x Day Professional Diploma Life Coaching *(Delivered over 8 x months

Step 1.

(Next Course Weekend January 21 & 22)

Start with the certificate in life coaching course - with international accreditation -
and learn the core-coaching-techniques used by professional Life coaches.
On completion you will receive an accredited "Certificate" in Life Coaching.

This is a great way to qualify as a Professional Coach,
take the life coaching certification and then decide
when and if you wish to do the FULL Professional Diploma.
If you like what we do and how we do it, then join us for next step.
This Certificate level  life coaching course allows you to experience
what life coach training is like before committing to a full professional diploma in
Life Coaching course.
Also, you can come back anytime in the future to complete the full diploma. 

“At the end of this course I feel scared, excited, emotional, overwhelmed but mostly amazed”.
This weekend has been profoundly inspirational and important to me. I know I am a life coach.
Lydia, Asst. Director of Studies, English Language College.


Step 1 Certificate Course What will you learn?


• How to give and structure a coaching session for best results.

• Experience the power of receiving a coaching session.

• Discover the Pros & Cons of having goals

• Learn how to write your goals in a powerful way and avoid the biggest mistake people make.

• Real meaning of goals – their hidden purpose.

• Use powerful coaching questions to clarify your life purpose.

• Learn great listening and powerful questioning skills.

• Find out how to use the enormous power of your thoughts and specific actions

to change the way you think about everything – to change everything.

• Use how motivation works for everyone and how to harness it and use it consciously.

• Understand the power of conscious-decisions.

• A clear understanding of what exactly coaching is and what it’s not.

• Differences between coaching, therapy, counselling & consultancy.

• Hands-on coaching using various effective coaching tools.

• Applications for various types of coaching niches

• Setting action tasks to achieve a life goal

• Practice powerful life coaching-techniques to use throughout your life.

• And much more.


This Life Coaching Certificate Course is accredited by the IAPC&M (International Authority for Life Coaching & Mentoring)

IAPC&M is one of the world’s leading accreditation body.

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Course Delivery

The will be delivered by our trainers over 2 days, From 09.45am to 5pm.
This is a very hands on practical course with lots of participation from attendees throughout.
Attendees will be expected to openly discuss their own goals,
beliefs and experiences during the training and in their peer to peer coaching.
In doing so you will feel the powerful affects of coaching and how you
can best apply it to help you be a better coach in all aspects of your career.

Why Mindstream?
Established in 2000, Mindstream delivers online and in person, internationally accredited,
coaching-courses, designed to create self-empowerment in both the coach and the coachee to
positively influence the well-being of all. We use an holistic, mindful approach,
utilising the entire person, mind, body and spirit
to achieve their highest level of possibilities on their unique life-path to fulfilment.

When you train with Mindstream you learn about the core principles of coaching which means
that these courses are suitable for both personal coaching and workplace coaching and indeed
any particular coaching niche which you feel you would like to explore.

When you attend a Mindstream Coaching Course you will find yourself in the company of
inspiring trainers who love what they do and are ready to demonstrate
hands-on professional coaching techniques.

All our trainers are professional coaches with a busy practice and are accredited
with the International Authority of Professional Coaches & Mentors.

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Meet the Team.

Sean Farrell AFC (Accredited Fellow Coach IAPCM)

Seann Farrell AFC (Accredited Fellow Coach IAPCM)

• Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist (ADHP) since 1997
• Professional Coach since 2000
• Coach -Trainer since 2002
• NLP Practitioner since 2003

Being self-employed in various businesses for many years, Seann qualified as a psychotherapist and trained as a Life Coach in the USA and In 2002 he then set-up Mindstream Life Coach Training. Since then he has trained several thousand students in the art of Life Coaching all over the world. In addition, he was chosen from a worldwide competition of training-providers to deliver his diploma course to two of the top universities in Colombia for their senior-management.


He has delivered many thousands of hours coaching, along with several thousand workshops and seminars on Life Coaching and meditation techniques.

                                                                         Seann's life-purpose is to assist others, develop a greater sense of awareness and self-empowerment, to                                                                               develop an understanding of one’s life-journey and to "Discover the Greatness Within".

Ariana Dunne

Ariana Dunne ASC (Accredited Senior Coach)

• BA Hons in International Journalism
• Award winning media sales and advertising professional since 2007
• Professional Coach since 2017
• Coach -Trainer since 2019

After a successful 16-year career in the media industry, working for some of the largest publishing companies in the world and after retraining as a Life and Executive coach with Mindstream, Ariana decided to embark on an exciting new path as a self-employed entrepreneur creating many new business-enterprises.

Ariana has coached a vast range of clients and is an accredited ASC with the IAPCM delivering one-to-one coaching, corporate coaching for large corporations, along with recruiting, onboarding and training via her company
Ariana also delivers freelance sales and corporate consulting for various companies, she is an accomplished public speaker and lectures with Mindstream Life Coach Training, The Fitzwilliam Institute, DMAI and the IECS.

Ariana is also a writer and has a Coaching column ‘Ask Arana’ in Ireland leading womens Lifestyle glossy ‘Irish Country Magazine’.

What our Students say about our Certificate course

"I had a life-changing experience."

It was an amazing, eye-opening 2 x day journey, with amazing people. A great gift to give to oneself.

Karen O’Brien. Mentor, Counsellor and Facilitator.

“I suspect that this weekend has changed my life and I don’t say things like that lightly.”

Carmel McCann

“At the end of this course I feel scared, excited, emotional, overwhelmed but mostly amazed”.

This weekend has been profoundly inspirational and important to me. I know I am a life coach.

Lydia, Asst. Director of Studies, English Language College

"This course has been a real-eye-opener for my life/career direction."

''I would encourage anyone who is thinking of life coaching as a career to sign-up for the course”.

Cilian Murphy, Primary School Teacher.

“I absolutely loved the two-day course.”

“It has strengthened even further my passion for life coaching. It is a fantastic course for anyone willing to grow, self-develop & evolve emotionally and spiritually. ''

Marianne O’Neill, Personal Trainer& Massage Therapist.

"Love! Love! Loved it. (Certificate Course July 2018)"

!t was very surprising in a way that I didn’t expect to get so much from it myself. Also feel very confident that I can achieve this as a Career in my life. Thank you so much Derval.

Sharon Fitzpatrick - 07/07/2020

"Everybody should attend this course at least once in their life. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

You will leave having discovered many insightful revelations about yourself and others.

Donal Foley - 07/07/2020

"I cannot wait to implement all of the wonderful and inspiring experiences. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

Absolutely loved this weekend of meeting like-minded people. Thank you for your continued support.

Virginia Callanan - 07/07/2020

"Loved the online course even though I was initially apprehensive about the Zoom format. (January 2021)"

I can’t thank you guys enough for such a great experience. I was extremely happy with the two-day life coaching course with Mindstream. I am so excited to start my professional diploma.

Tanya Donohoe - 07/07/2020

 "Thanks for this outstanding course! Loved every bit of it and can’t wait for the diploma course!!  (January 2021)"

 Thanks for this outstanding course! Loved every bit of it and can’t wait for the diploma course!!  (January 2021)

Tara Hakverdi (Switzerland) - 07/07/2020

More Student Reviews

Inspiring and inspired in both content and delivery.

The weekend, although Introductory, was thorough and more informative than I had expected.. Bee and Derval were motivated, enthusiastic trainers and have left me feeling motivated as a result. Thank you.

Cliona McIntyre, Counselling Reg. MBACP (Accred) - 07/07/2020

Thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course

Thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course

Molly J McDonald, Psychotherapist, Clinical Coach. Washington DC, USA - 07/07/2020

5 STARS *****

This certificate has given me a greater understanding of what coaching is really about. I am excited to explore my options with Mindstream in the future. Thank you so much.

Lauren Walsh, Account Manager - 07/07/2020

Fantastic Course, I would 100% recommend this course (Cert September 2019)

I learned a lot in two-days and with a great understanding of the role that it is an avenue I will go down.

Martina Clancy, Personal Trainer. - 07/07/2020

Inspirational, life changing experience. (Cert Sept. 2019)

This course provides you with the tools and confidence to be the best life coach you can be.

Paul Murray. Civil Engineer. - 07/07/2020

Fantastic two-days. An excellent investment in your path to becoming a life coach. (Cert Sept. 2019)

Fantastic two-days. An excellent investment in your path to becoming a life coach. (Cert Sept. 2019)

Robert Roden - 07/07/2020

If you are looking for clarity and key-coaching skills, this is definitely the course for you. (Cert Sept. 2019)

Great weekend sessions focused on core coaching skills nicely filled with hands-on practice.

Krzysztof Kolodzinski, Performance Coach. - 07/07/2020

Really Powerful. Learned a lot more than I thought within a weekend. (Cert Sept. 2019)

After completing the certificate program with Mindstream I decided to follow through on the 7-month diploma course in life coaching and workplace coaching, this was a decision I have never regretted.

Sarah-Kate McConnell. Single-mom, Social Care Worker - 07/07/2020

I Discovered my true-life purpose with Mindstream. (Diploma 2022)

I have just completed the Diploma course with Mindstream which has helped me become the best life coach I can. And not only did I find my true life-purpose, but I developed the skills and knowledge to enable others to find theirs. Thank you so much Seann and Ariana for their passion you brought to this amazing course. This is only the beginning.

Paul McManus - 07/07/2020

Fantastic Life Coaching Certificate course

I cannot thank Seann and Ariana enough for the course I attended this past weekend. Despite being new to the techniques, the processes and tools we were given (and had the opportunity to experience using), revealed the strategies, plans and actions we each needed to realise our goals with unexpected clarity and depth My only regret was that I didn't wake up this morning to another day of training! If anyone is thinking of gaining a competence in Life Coaching, I would encourage you to sign up to the Mindstream Course without delay. It's just the most wonderful experience. I'm moving onto the Diploma Course in March and cannot wait to get started.

Pippa Heron - 07/07/2020

A win-win and would highly recommend to anyone on the fence about becoming a coach! 👏🏼👏🏼

The trainers were amazing, very knowledgeable and uplifting. I thought it would be really tough not having my weekend to chill as such but I didn't even notice the time flying I was so engaged with the content as it helped me to realise my goals as well as learning how to coach others

Maggie Conroy - 07/07/2020

It opened my mind to endless possibilities.

I have just completed my Certificate in Life Coaching with Mindstream Life Coaching. I learnt so much and met some wonderful people along the way. I cannot recommend this course enough to Looking forward to starting my diploma with you. Thank you Ariana and Seann.

Nicola Brophy - 07/07/2020

I just loved every minute of the courses I completed with Mindstream.

Seann and the rest of the team are amazing coaches and tutors. I felt so empowered and motivated after every module. I would highly recommend this company!

Orla Norney - 07/07/2020

Mindstream Life Coaching is an amazing course,

I recently done the 2 day course which was held by Seann & Arianna both who are amazing at what they do ,I’m a hairdresser and I eventually would like to go into a career of life coaching ,so this was a course which totally took me out of my comfort zone as I never done anything like this before ,I am so looking forward to taken it to the next level & do the diploma course in which I’m am so eager to learn so much more

Shaz Mulhern - 07/07/2020

Step 2 Professional Diploma Life Coaching

This Eight-Day Course, delivered over an eight month period, brings you to your Professional Diploma Life coaching training

**Next Starting Date 19th November**

The Life Coaching Diploma will Include the following subjects.

The Psychology of Life Coaching.

Discover Places to start coaching a client

Develop Skilled Effective Communications

Motivate your clients - the psychology of using motivation

Discover client Values & Fulfilment in the Life coaching coaching process.

Use Clear Thinking Techniques for life coaching client

Applying Work life balance techniques

Use the power of Belief Systems in Life Coaching

Life Coaching for Change Management

Apply NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.

Understand Emotional Intelligence in life coaching process,

Practice how to use appropriate life coaching techniques for the client.

Learn to use the power of positive suggestion in a life coaching session

Life Coach for a group or team

Learn how Coaching in the workplace

Learn how to Market your life coaching services online to a large client base.


And much, much more.

This course is also accredited by the IAPCM and consists of eight-training days over an eight-month period
Cost €1960
Can be paid at €245 per training day


 Email: or Phone: +353 1 7979175