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Life Coaching


If you are someone who wants to help people to live their best possible life, achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and take action then this course is for you. Whether are already a business leader, health and wellness professional, a retiree or someone just starting out the skills learned on this course will help you to be a fantastic coach. You can use these skills to launch your own coaching business, start a side hustle, apply the skills in your current role or simply learn how to coach yourself into a better life. Whatever your motivation you won't regret doing this course where you will learn so much about yourself and others.


Complete the full Life Coach Diploma with an Additional 8 x Saturdays - (please note you must complete the certificate before you can enter this course)
Acquire the full Professional Life Coaching Diploma by completing an additional 8 x Saturdays. The classes are held monthly online via Zoom.

The Life Coaching Diploma includes the following subjects.

The Psychology of Life Coaching

Develop Effective Skilled Communications

Learn confidence skills, for you and your client

Motivate your clients - the psychology of using motivation

Discover client Values & Fulfilment in the Life coaching process.

Learn about Cognitive Distortions

How to deal with difficult people

Applying work/life balance techniques

Understand the power of Belief Systems in Life Coaching

Life Coaching for Change Management

Learn NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.

Understand Emotional Intelligence in life coaching process

Practice how to use appropriate life coaching techniques for the client.

Learn to use the power of positive suggestion in a life coaching session

Life Coach for Group or Team

Learn about coaching in the workplace

Learn how to Market your Life Coaching services online to a large client base.

Student Participation

Throughout this course students are required to contribute and participate in all class discussions. The beauty about this course is that participants learn a lot about themselves and others, to gain a greater understanding about how and why people think and act the way they do. Classes are delivered live via zoom by experienced facilitators who are also practicing and accredited coaches. This is a fully interactive experience with lots of breakout room sessions to practice coaching techniques and discuss coaching definitions. Your participation in the course will be closely monitored by the trained facilitators to ensure an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience for all.

Entry Requirements

You do not have to have any prior qualifications or experience in the area of coaching or personal development. People of all ages, backgrounds and experiences can participate in this course and enjoy the full benefits of this course. All that is required is a good command of the English language, a strong internet connection and a willingness to learn.


Your assessments include:

- Reading and Presenting – Book review on a coaching related book of your choice
- Coaching – Completion of a minimum of 15 coaching sessions, including a recorded coaching session to be submitted for review
- Writing – You must have 1 coaching session with a professional coach and write a self-reflective essay on your experience.


Once you have completed all modules and passed all assessments, you will be awarded a Professional Diploma in Life Coaching from Mindstream. This award can be used to satisfy the 60 hours of accredited training requirement for a coaching credential/ accreditation with IAPCM (International Accreditation of Professional Coaching and Mentoring) or any other accrediting body such as the ICF.

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