Coaching Course

Launch Your Own Coaching Business

This practical, intensive course, will arm you with all the sales, marketing and confidence you need to propel your coaching business forward.

Delivered by Ariana Dunne, who brings 18 years of award winning branding, advertising, sales and marketing skills to the table, you will learn all you need to know from an expert in the field.


Ariana successfully launched her own coaching business fours years ago and is one of the Senior Facilitators with Mindstream teaching both the Certificate and Diploma courses. Ariana has coached a vast range of clients and is an accredited ASC with the IAPCM offering one to one coaching and corporate coaching for large corporations.


Ariana has a monthly coaching column in Irish Country Magazine and regularly contributes to podcasts and radio shows.

Course Content

How to Create your website and improve your SEO

This practical element of the course will look at website creation, domain names, webservers, and how to create your website using great content, imagery and SEO.


SEO involves a number of technical and creative factors to improve rankings. It encompasses a range of tasks to ensure your website is structured in a way that search engines can easily read and understand as well as tasks to generate signals which indicate the relevancy of your website to searchers.


In this session we will explain how SEO works, go through keyword targeting as well as explain the differences between technical, on-page and off-page SEO techniques. We will also look at organic and paid listing opportunities.

Content Management incl Imagery

Content marketing involves the planning, creation and distribution of valuable, relevant information. It is designed to attract your audience, retain them and drive customer action.


Content marketing is not a new concept in marketing and its history stretches back over a century. It has seen a renewed focus in the age of online and digital marketing.


The central idea behind content marketing is to provide a targeted audience with content they find useful or valuable and many different types of content may be used in a campaign. While the particular goals of a content marketing campaign may vary, the ultimate intention is to increase sales of of your coaching services.This session will arm you with effective tools to help you including content calender tools, writing skills, video skills and image skills.

Social Media Management

By understanding social media as a platform for digital information exchange, we can focus our attentions on how this medium can be adapted to work inside our Coaching business model. Social media is extremely useful for accessing or even building online communities (in business terms this is called a target audience).


By imposing their presence on social media, businesses can actively access their current base of consumers as well as target a whole range of prospective new ones. While this can be achieved in a variety of ways, we will look at just two of the most effective channels of interaction; direct and indirect interaction.


We will look at LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram primarily and will teach you skills to ensure you get the most from your platforms in both an organic and paid for environment.

Paid Campaigns

Throughout this session we will explore paid advertising across a range of digital platforms as well as its associated theories, terms and their practical applications.

This unit will deal with search engine advertising, display advertising, video advertising and the practice of remarketing.

We will also learn how to measure the success of an online ad and its various elements (this includes reporting, conversion tracking and attribution modelling).

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