holistic personal development

Pillars Of Holistic Personal Development

Holistic personal development can be a lifelong practice that helps you create more happiness and fulfillment in your life. Breaking down the different pillars of holistic personal development can help us further understand what truly makes up our well-being.

A good life coach will understand and help you develop each of these pillars. Let’s dive into why each pillar is important to the coaches we train at Mindstream.

The Physical
There is no shortage of evidence to suggest that our physical and mental health are deeply connected. Many people have found that, with the development of physical health, every other area of their life improves as well.

Many people find that developing their physical health is an easy way to start tapping into their intuition. By learning to listen to your body and its needs through nutrition and exercise, your other needs (the other pillars) become easier to recognize.

Improving our physical selves and optimizing our bodies is perhaps the most tangible way to see personal growth in our lives.

The Spiritual
There is an innate human need to be connected with a higher power. For some people this is God, the universe, or just a series of universal truths that serve as an anchor for this aspect of our humanity.

Developing this connection has been shown to correlate with other facets of health; be it physical, mental, or otherwise. Strong spiritual health has also been shown to reduce addictive or suicidal behaviors.

Spirituality differs widely between individuals, so there isn’t a concrete way to develop it. Many people find that their spirituality is strengthened through internal development (self-improvement exercises and introspection) and external development (like religion, study, or social relationships with others.)

The Mental
Mental health and development is, of course, an integral part of personal development. Oftentimes, this means cultivating self-awareness of one's own thought patterns and mental state.

Your mental state is perhaps one of the most difficult, but rewarding parts of personal development. Mindfulness is a popular term that encompasses the purposeful way our thoughts are handled. It involves an awareness of your thoughts, surroundings, and the intention behind your actions.

Optimizing your mental well-being is often most effective when done with a coach. As a prospective coach, you’ll want to develop a thorough understanding of how the mind works to help improve thought patterns for overall health.

The Emotional
Emotional health and development may sound self-explanatory, but is worth thoroughly diving into. Emotional development, often associated with emotional intelligence, is the ability to understand and regulate your own emotions while understanding the emotional state of others.

Being able to name and recognize your own emotions is an essential part of emotional personal development. Believe it or not, many adults still need to develop emotional intelligence skills such as honesty, treatment of anxiety, asking for help, defining personal values, or being proactive.

Emotional health is a part of holistic personal development because of the impact emotions can have on our overall well-being. In essence, emotions can drive every action we take, so it’s important to acknowledge their full weight in our personal development.

Potential life coaches should have an interest and understanding in each of the four pillars of holistic personal development. This practice takes into consideration that every aspect of ourselves plays a part in our development.

When every pillar is acknowledged and developed, it leads to more fulfillment and happiness in our lives.

You can request more information about training as a coach by reaching out here.








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