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In this article we will look at how to consciously create the change you seek to experience. It will focus on the first-step in the process, that is making a decision to do something or indeed to not do something.

Firstly this is the construct; this is the mechanism we all use, how we create our physical and emotional experience. These are your life-creating - tools: This is what you do:

1. DECISION - you make some decision.

2. TRUST you invariably trust the decision.

3. ACTION - you carry out some action based on your decision

4. YOU ANALYSE THE FEEDBACK to support your decision

Step 1.You Decide.
You process ideas or thoughts about something, consider the choices available to you and then make a decision. You always have choices.  This process is constantly taking place, every minute of the day, and it is necessary to be aware of what you are thinking, choosing and deciding.
“This is who I am; I am this type of person; I am the kind of person who…”
 Step 2 You trust your decision:
“Well, I must be that type of person…”
  Step 3 You take action:
Your actions are based on the decision you have made. Once you have decided, “this is the type of person I am”, for example, you begin acting like that person, for whatever you decide, you get. Remember: every action produces a result.
Step 4 You analyse the Feedback
We will look at this more closely in later articles.

 The Four Steps to Conscious Living
The Decision:
 There are only two types of decision to be made about oneself:
- Empowered decisions
- Dis-empowered decisions

Which one would you prefer? Which one do you want to live your life by?
The power of your decision is enormous: it is the decision made in the moment that determines who you are. The mechanics are simple; change results from the decision made in that moment – not from any kind of process.  Begin to consciously participate in the creation and experience of your reality. Your world and your reality is already there, within you. There is no “outside”. There is no “external.” There is only you, and your experience of yourself.

There is nothing to “get rid of”, process, earn, gain or achieve: there is only decision. It is up to you, at any given moment in time, to decide what to be, and to express that decision through your actions. In each and every moment of your life, you are expressing some version of who you believe yourself to be.

You decide who you are. You create yourself 100%, right now. Now is the only time that is truly real. Your infinite consciousness is one eternal NOW. Re-create yourself according to who you want to be. By being mindful of the decision you are making, and by exploring who you prefer to be right now, you can completely transform your experience. You already create your experience through decision, trust and action automatically.

Just be conscious and definite about it.
For example: use powerful words to decide who you are. Make a list entitled “I Am My Ideal Self”. Now write your own definitions of what contributes to make you the “ideal” you – the person you really seek to be.
Make this statement: “I am“. Decide who you are right now. Who are you? State who you are in positive and absolute terms: there is no room for doubt! You then speak and act as a person who has made that decision.

Be fully committed to your decision; then act like someone who is that person, and, in time, being that person will become second-nature. Do the kind of things you would do if you completely accepted yourself as being that person. Tell yourself, “Now that I am this person, I find myself in these circumstances, what would this person do?

Trusting the Decision:
Trust or faith does not need to be gained or mustered up! You already have it. Simply be aware that you always trust in something and be more conscious and purposeful about what you choose to trust in.
Trust is something you already have. You are always placing it somewhere. Where do you place your trust? If you trust consistently, choosing who you want to be and then continuing to trust your decision you will create continuity and belief. “This is who I am!”
When you experience doubt about something, you are still using trust: you’re just choosing to use your trust in a negative way – to trust in the idea that things may go wrong. Perhaps you think that you cannot possibly be the person you seek to experience; perhaps you doubt your ability to change.

When you do this, you are trusting negatively – placing your trust in an old, dis-empowered decision.
 **Doubt is a complete, 100% trust in the reality that you say you do not prefer. **
To trust is not to talk yourself into something. It is simply knowing that you are going to make a decision anyway, and allowing yourself to make your decision constantly.
Trusting a decision is simply maintenance of the decision “I am”. Sit or stand up straight, allow your body posture and attitude to exemplify the decision you have made.

Your Power
If You Are Committed To Your Decision…
Everything That You Require
To Allow Your Decision To Manifest…
Already Exists.
And There Is Your Power.
Many fail to either achieve or maintain their New Year resolutions simply because they never made the decision  in the first place, or they didn’t commit to it, they usually decide to “try” something. Or, they make  a different decision which contradicts another. This is an area called “indecision”, it always creates uncertainty and mixed-results. It is the biggest dis-empowering (and confusing) state-of-mind one can be in. However, once the decision is made, enormous power becomesavailable to you.


Trying has an inbuilt allowance that you might fail
It is not the doing of the thing but the trying of the doing
Trying may create a result but doing always creates a result
So- just do it.

Finally, look at 2016 and  ask “what did you learn?” not so much on what you did or didn’t do. What did you learn about yourself?

This is about you – no one else. All good life coaching takes the client into a journey of self-empowerment and more importantly, self-awareness, an awareness of the brilliance within.   Take the answer to that question and simply apply it to the issues you want addressed in  and be open to experiencing amazing results.

Best wishes with your life journey
Seann Farrell AFC (accredited fellow coach)




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