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The Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach.

The Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach

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We are entering a new era of reflection and contemplation brought on by the recent pandemic. People from all walks of life, are asking themselves “Is this it? Is this all I am?” These questions and many more are echoing in the halls and chambers of their minds. Many are realising that that the way things used to be, were not fulfilling, and a realisation that they are unhappy at the way things are currently panning out. Those Seeking a change in life direction, has grown exponentially – a bit like the pandemic itself – that change can be a major life-changing one such ah as re-training for a new career, questioning personal relationships to simply joining a gym to  improve one’s feeling of wellbeing.  Seeking personal growth and development are also a big part of the change. The world of life coaching has been at the forefront for several decades now at assisting clients achieving these goals.

You, or you may know people who are feeling a little bit lost, overwhelmed, they are seemingly wandering around not sure what to do. You will see this at the office or even at the bus stop. Now more than ever, people are looking for someone to help them develop new and exciting ways to fulfil their sense of purpose. Lifestyle changes are occurring all around the world, and a new awakening is in motion.  We have come out of the pandemic, the lockdowns have all but ceased - it is a time of change. Life coaching has been the adjunct that many have used to deal with these powerful issues.

Life coaches are the enablers of purpose and change. They empower people to find their infinite possibilities. The gift of being able to walk part of the way with someone as they start their journey to new horizons is one of the most precious gifts you can receive

What makes a great coach? Do you feel empathy for others? Do you want people to succeed at manifesting life-goals, are you a great listener, capable of asking powerful questions? Can you empower and transform those around you? If the answer is “no” to any of the questions, don’t worry, these skills can be learned.

Choosing a training company can be likened to a journey through a maze with so many training providers advertising their services online. Probably the most important consideration is to choose one that has international accreditation. Next check the reviews, is the full name of the reviewer used or just the persons initials. If a course is good enough to comment on it, why would one not use their full name. I always suspect that sales companies invent them. And of course, the biggest influence on a training course is the skill of the trainers – check this on the provider’s website.

After considerable research I chose an accredited Life coach training courses that provided me the skills to deliver a professional coaching session, and during the journey, I experience considerable self-growth and personal development. Self-awareness and self-confidence were part of the curriculum. So it wasn’t just a course in coaching, it was an experience in growth.

Paul McManus, Bachelor's Degree in Chinese and International Business. Diploma Life Coaching from Mindstream Life Coach Training.
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