Life Coaching Diploma

Accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring

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Professional Life Coach Training Diploma

Mindstream invites you to join us on diploma course. The diploma is delivered over 7 x Saturdays at monthly intervals. This is a full, internationally accredited Life Coaching course by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. It provides you with a full professional qualification in the art of Life Coaching.

We have developed an easy two step journey to acquire your professional life coaching diploma.

Step 1
Complete a Life Coaching Certificate Weekend Course

This will provide you with an accredited stand-alone Life Coaching Certificate qualification. Then once you decide you want to achieve your diploma you can sign-up for our 7 part diploma course. (please note you must complete the certificate before you can enter this course)

Step 2
Complete the Life Coaching Diploma with an Additional 7 Saturdays
When you have completed the life coaching certificate course and you feel that you would like to continue further training, you can then acquire the full Professional Life Coaching Diploma by completing the additional 7 x Saturdays. The classes are held monthly.


The Diploma will Include the following subjects.
The Psychology of Life Coaching.
Discover Places to start coaching a client
Develop Skilled Effective Communications
Motivate your clients - the psychology of using motivation
Discover client Values & Fulfilment in the coaching process.

Use Clear Thinking Techniques for coach & client

Applying Work life balance techniques
Use the power of Belief Systems in Coaching
Coaching for Change Management
Apply NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.
Understand Emotional Intelligence in coaching process
Practice how to use appropriate coaching techniques for the client.
Learn to use the power of positive suggestion
Coach a group or team
Learn how to Market your coaching services online to a large client base.


Begin Your Journey Here
If you have not completed the certificate course see details here:

Course Dates & Registration

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Course Reviews

"Personally challenging & hugely empowering course. My outlook on life has changed dramatically as well as my core coaching skills”

Kathryn J. Thompson - 07/07/2020

“A truly life-changing, exhilarating, highly recommended experience. Enjoy!”

Enda Brennan - 07/07/2020

“Great freedom to express oneself during the class. Brilliant teaching and guidance from Seann and learnt so much from the contribution of others on the course.”

Richard O’Mahony - 07/07/2020

“Brought clarity to my life and gave me really helpful new tools to improve it and create more happiness. It has shown me a new-direction, Very exciting!!!”

Yvone - 07/07/2020

“Seann & Derval were both excellent and knowledgeable facilitators and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Karl King - 07/07/2020

“I learned a lot about myself and will use it on a day-to-day basis. Definitely recommend this to anyone interested in self-development.”

Shona Kelly - 07/07/2020

“The learning during this course and the contents in the folder will help no end working with clients in my business.”

Mary Walsh Kinsella - 07/07/2020

“This course provides you with the tools and confidence to be the best life coach you can be.”

Paul Murray - 07/07/2020

“I had huge Personal Growth & Development & very excited to share my experiences and learning from great trainers and coaches.”

Niamh Maguire - 07/07/2020

“Fantastic group of people, perfect interaction with each other in a safe and open-environment.”

Radana Mistecanova - 07/07/2020