“I suspect that this weekend has changed my life and I don’t say things like that lightly.”

Carmel McCann

“At the end of this course I feel scared, excited, emotional, overwhelmed but mostly amazed”.

This weekend has been profoundly inspirational and important to me. I know I am a life coach.

Lydia, Asst. Director of Studies, English Language College

“I absolutely loved the two-day course.”

“It has strengthened even further my passion for life coaching. It is a fantastic course for anyone willing to grow, self-develop & evolve emotionally and spiritually. ''

Marianne O’Neill, Personal Trainer& Massage Therapist.

''Excellent, informative and professionally delivered courses.'' (August 2020)

What I didn't expect was to meet so many incredible, talented, like-minded people during the Certificate and Diploma course. Seann is an amazingly talented human being who impacted all attendees so positively and took the class to places within ourselves we didn't know existed. Life changing course, highly recommend completing.

Jennifer Dempsey - 07/07/2020

"I had a life-changing experience."

It was an amazing, eye-opening 2 x day journey, with amazing people. A great gift to give to oneself.

Karen O’Brien. Mentor, Counsellor and Facilitator.

"This course has been a real-eye-opener for my life/career direction."

''I would encourage anyone who is thinking of life coaching as a career to sign-up for the course”.

Cilian Murphy, Primary School Teacher.

"Exciting Discovery of My Lire Purpose" (Dip 2022)

I Discovered my true-life purpose with Mindstream. (Diploma 2022) I have just completed the Diploma course with Mindstream which has helped me become the best life coach I can. And not only did I find my true life-purpose, but I developed the skills and knowledge to enable others to find theirs. Thank you so much Seann and Ariana for the passion you brought to this amazing course. This is only the beginning. Paul McManus

Paul McManus

"It was the most enjoyable training weekend I've ever been on"

I cannot thank Seann and Ariana enough for the fantastic Life Coaching Certificate course I attended this past weekend. Despite being new to the techniques, the processes and tools we were given (and had the opportunity to experience using), revealed the strategies, plans and actions we each needed to realise our goals with unexpected clarity and depth My only regret was that I didn't wake up this morning to another day of training! If anyone is thinking of gaining a competence in Life Coaching, I would encourage you to sign up to the Mindstream Course without delay. It's just the most wonderful experience. I'm moving onto the Diploma Course in March and cannot wait to get started.

Pippa Herron

"The trainers were amazing, very knowledgeable and uplifting." May 2022

I thought it would be really tough not having my weekend to chill as such but I didn't even notice the time flying I was so engaged with the content as it helped me to realise my goals as well as learning how to coach others. A win-win and would highly recommend to anyone on the fence about becoming a coach! 👏🏼👏🏼

Maggie Conroy

Excellent, informative and professionally delivered courses. (August 2020)

What I didn't expect was to meet so many incredible, talented, like-minded people during the Certificate and Diploma course. Seann is an amazingly talented human being who impacted all attendees so positively and took the class to places within ourselves we didn't know existed. Life changing course, highly recommend completing.

Jennifer Dempsey - 07/07/2020

"Professional, fun & Inspiring (January 2020)"

Really enjoyed the course, Seann & Derval are excellent at explaining the content. Great weekend that I would recommend everybody to do.

Denise O’Donnell. Sales Manager. - 07/07/2020

"I would recommend this course without hesitation. (January 2020)"

''Seann & Derval were both excellent and knowledgeable facilitators and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.''

Karl King. - 07/07/2020

"Course was excellent and content was great! (January 2020)"

''Really enjoyed the training style of both trainers, Seann & Derval. Practical exercises were very beneficial and learned a lot in the two-days. Definitely recommend to others.''

Claire Hanrahan. Cork Simon Community. - 07/07/2020

"Excellent course.."

"Excellent course and Inspiring for my personal development. (January 2020)"

Karen Lynch. Sales Consultant. - 07/07/2020

"Really interesting content. (January 2020)"

''Coaches Seann & Derval made all feel comfortable and the atmosphere was great.''

Milena Canuto - 07/07/2020

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course! (January 2020)"

Seann & Derval were knowledgeable and engaging.

Clare Meredith. - 07/07/2020

"Very well constructed and delivered. (January 2020)"

The passion and knowledge of Seann & Derval made it very interesting. It has given me clarity to the next step in achieving my goals.

Lisa Reynolds. - 07/07/2020

"A very inspiring & motivating course. (Nov 2019)"

I learned a lot about myself and will use it on a day-to-day basis. Definitely recommend this to anyone interested in self-development.

Shona Kelly. - 07/07/2020

"A positive experience a solid foundation in coaching (Nov 2019)"

The learning during this course and the contents in the folder will help no end working with clients in my business.

Mary Walsh Kinsella. MWK to Hospitality. - 07/07/2020

"This weekend was enlightening and the beginning of a fabulous journey. (Nov 2019)"

Thank you Derval and Seann for creating a safe environment for us to explore possibilities and discover more about ourselves. Keep up the good work.

Moacy Andres, Sales Administrator. - 07/07/2020

"I would recommend this course as a stepping-stone to becoming a life coach. (Nov 2019)"

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend; the facilitators were warm and knowledgeable.

Gillian Tims. - 07/07/2020

"Really enjoyed the practical sessions in this weekend. (Nov 2019)"

Would def recommend to others and as a great intro to the diploma.

Lisa McNab, Scrum Master & Agile Coach - 07/07/2020

"Very informative and a great way to decide life coaching as a career. (Nov 2019)"

Thanks for the opportunity and the experience.

Michelle Russo - 07/07/2020

"Excellent programme.."

"Excellent programme with a great mix of academic and coach/group interaction (Nov 2019)"

Aaron O’Brien - 07/07/2020

"The course was excellent. (Nov 2019)"

The tutors were motivated, and very professional. Life coaching is the way to go as it is not intrusive and I would be delighted to learn more.

Carmel Corish Wallace, School of Performing Arts. - 07/07/2020

"I found this weekend hugely beneficial in clarifying what coaching actually is. (Cert Sept. 2019)"

I really enjoyed the course from start to finish. Thank you so much.

Sinead Walsh, Executive Assistant - 07/07/2020

"Really Powerful. Learned a lot more than I thought within a weekend. (Cert Sept. 2019)"

Really Powerful. Learned a lot more than I thought within a weekend. (Cert Sept. 2019)

Sarah-Kate McConnell. Single-mom, Social Care Work - 07/07/2020

"A very insightful weekend and learnt what coaching really is! (Cert Sept. 2019)"

A very insightful weekend and learnt what coaching really is! (Cert Sept. 2019)

Louise Quinn. - 07/07/2020

"I recommend this course for anyone with an interest in the subject of Life Coaching. (Cert Sept. 2019)"

It is an excellent introduction to life coaching, what it means to be a life coach and what the process involves.

Susan O’Halloran, Solicitor. - 07/07/2020

"This was a fantastic weekend! It will have a lasting effect on how I will live my life. (Cert Sept. 2019)"

I now have enough knowledge about life coaching to make an informed-decision on how I will use this.Thank you!

Lisa Hutchinson - 07/07/2020

"If you are looking for clarity and key-coaching skills, this is definitely the course for you. (Cert Sept. 2019)"

Great weekend sessions focused on core coaching skills nicely filled with hands-on practice.

Krzysztof Kolodzinski, Performance Coach. - 07/07/2020

"Inspirational, life changing experience. (Cert Sept. 2019)"

This course provides you with the tools and confidence to be the best life coach you can be.

Paul Murray. Civil Engineer - 07/07/2020

"Fantastic Course, I would 100% recommend this course (Cert September 2019)"

I learned a lot in two-days and with a great understanding of the role that it is an avenue I will go down.

Martina Clancy, Personal Trainer - 07/07/2020

"5 STARS ***** This certificate has given me a greater understanding of what coaching is really about. (Cert Sept. 2019)"

I am excited to explore my options with Mindstream in the future. Thank you so much.

Lauren Walsh, Account Manager - 07/07/2020

"A great sense of motivation from the weekend to apply the skills to my own life and help others. (June 2019)"

This flexible weekend approach is fantastic. I’ll definitely go ahead with the diploma.

Carole O’Dwyer - 07/07/2020

"Thank you for a wonderful inspiring weekend. (June 2019)"

A perfect balance between teaching and practical exercise and a lot guidance on career possibilities. Looking forward to the diploma and the next step on my coaching journey.

Lisa Melville - 07/07/2020

"Great weekend. (June 2019)"

Am taking so much away. Derval have so much experience and passion to share. Looking forward to the diploma.

Laura Conlon - 07/07/2020

"Fantastic Two-Days. I am going away very excited about my own goals and future plan . (Sept 2018)"

I really enjoyed the two-day training course. Derval is excellent presenters. The content was extremely detailed and delivered very professionally. Thanks to the girls, loved the experience. Looking forward to the Diploma.

Brigid Sharpe - 07/07/2020

"I had a fantastic weekend with Derval (Sept 2018)"

I would definitely recommend the course for anyone who is considering doing the full Diploma. Thanks very much

Edel Gallagher - 07/07/2020

"Inspiring Weekend! (June 2019)"

The trainers were amazing. I look forward to doing my diploma. Many thanks Derval !!!

Wayne McGarry - 07/07/2020

"I flew in from Germany to do this course and am so glad I did as I had a wonderful weekend-training experience with Derval. (Sept 2018)"

Coaching is definitely essential in efficiency and likelihood of achieving any goal especially the ones we desire so much in life and often do not seem to attain. I highly recommended this course.

Marx Awasung - 07/07/2020

"Motivational. Well organised. (Certificate Course July 2018)"

A very crisp presentation. Delivered with integrity, clarity and ease and well structured. Very encouraging.

M. Doherty, Therapist. - 07/07/2020

"It is not often you learn about yourself at a course for your professional development. (Sept 2018)"

I learned a lot from the weekend course – not only for my career path but also personally.

Emmet Bracken - 07/07/2020

"I am excited about the future (Sept 2018)"

I learned a lot from this course both personally and professionally. I am looking forward to using what I have learned on this course in my career. – Eoin Price "I’m looking forward to implementing this new learning into my life and business. (Sept 2018)"Great facilitation from Derval, wonderful flow, engaging, inspirational, timely responses and interventions.

Barbara Brennan - 07/07/2020

"The course is fantastic, well presented, good value for money and hugely beneficial on a personal or professional level. (Sept 2018)"

Derval is lovely, warm professional yet approachable beauty. Their professionalism, gentleness/kindness/openness and expertise are priceless and I am extremely happy that I chose Mindstream.Thanks. Much love x

Linda Best - 07/07/2020

"Love! Love! Loved it. (Certificate Course July 2018)"

!t was very surprising in a way that I didn’t expect to get so much from it myself. Also feel very confident that I can achieve this as a Career in my life. Thank you so much Derval.

Sharon Fitzpatrick - 07/07/2020

"I’ve just completed the two-day Certificate Training Course and it was amazing. (Certificate Course July 2018)"

I learned some skills and gained great insight about Life Coaching. Derval are so inspiring and professional and made this experience truly worth it!

Dalila Silva - 07/07/2020

"I’m really happy I chose to do this course with Mindstream. (Certificate Course July 2018)"

Their relatable website drew me in initially and the atmosphere was relaxed and supportive throughout. We learned a lot but it was conversational and easy to take in.

Abigail Curry - 07/07/2020

"Inspiring and inspired in both content and delivery. (Certificate Course July 2018)"

The weekend, was thorough and more informative than I had expected. Derval were motivated, enthusiastic trainers and have left me feeling motivated as a result. Thank you.

Eilis McIntyre, Counselling Reg. MBACP (Accred) - 07/07/2020

"Enjoying every minute of the course. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

Very informative and will definitely follow it up.

Dara Agar - 07/07/2020

" Derval were amazing and so interesting. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

Really enjoyed the course, I am going to take a lot from this weekend both personally and professionally. I have learnt loads.

Trish Callanan - 07/07/2020

"Everybody should attend this course at least once in their life. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

You will leave having discovered many insightful revelations about yourself and others.

Donal Foley - 07/07/2020

"I cannot wait to implement all of the wonderful and inspiring experiences. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

Absolutely loved this weekend of meeting like-minded people. Thank you for your continued support.

Virginia Callanan - 07/07/2020

"The experience was much more than I expected. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

I had a fantastic time over the two days. Derval were friendly, genuine and you could tell they really loved what they do. I’m leaving with a great understanding of what life coaching is.

David Redmond - 07/07/2020

"The course was absolutely fantastic. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

Derval was phenomenal and gave such a wonderful insight into life coaching and as practitioners the course reaffirmed for me this is the right career move for me, and the journey to go on for myself. Thank you so much.

Sinead Finn - 07/07/2020

"Great course.''

''Wonderful instructors. Very informative. Loved the group. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

Creeda Mahon - 07/07/2020

"Very enlightening. (Certificate Course May 2018)"

found the course to be very enjoyable, fun and active. Looking forward to starting the Diploma course

Marie Sheridan - 07/07/2020

"Both coaches/trainers are experts in their field and make you feel comfortable from minute-one. (March 2018)"

Looking forward to doing the diploma course – thank you.

Kevin O’Neill, Agile Coach & Software Engineer - 07/07/2020

"If you are thinking of going into Coaching – give yourself these two-days. You won’t regret it. (March 2018)"

I had huge Personal Growth & Development & very excited to share my experiences and learning from great trainers and coaches.”

Niamh Maguire. - 07/07/2020

"I Want More! Derval was excellent trainer. (March 2018)"

Can’t wait to do the diploma course. I highly recommend the course to anyone!”

Elaine Byrne - 07/07/2020

"Unquestionably one of the best courses that I’ve ever attended. (Jan 2017)"

''Seann provided an open-forum, conducive to questions, comments & discussions, and covers techniques & strategies on all facets of life coaching. Thank you both for this insightful course, very much appreciated!”

Kathleen Holland. - 07/07/2020

"I’ve never before been in the presence of such impassioned and genuinely inspiring tutors. (March 2018)"

I will definitely be applying all that I learned in my day-to-day and professional life, thank you again.”

Stephen Murphy (Lecturer Fine Art). - 07/07/2020

"Really enjoyed the course and the facilitators were exceptionally brilliant. (March 2018)"

I especially enjoyed the hands-on exercise day-two, very nice pace.

Ulrike Stadler. - 07/07/2020

"If you are thinking of going into Coaching – give yourself these two-days. You won’t regret it. (March 2018)"

Really enjoyed the group and the two-days.

Una McGoey. - 07/07/2020

"Great two-days! A lot of insight into myself and brilliant techniques to use. March 2018."

Fantastic group of people, perfect interaction with each other in a safe and open-environment.

Radana Mistecanova. - 07/07/2020

For More Information on our Life Coaching Courses Get in Touch with Mindstream Today

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