Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Life Coaching?

    Coaching is a personal development phenomenon, which helps people define their own personal vision, for their future and supports them to head confidently towards those goals.


    Life Coaching is an amalgam of different modalities, which includes some therapies, psychology, especially sports psychology, philosophy and spirituality. Life Coaches set out to help clients clearly define their goals and find the best solutions for their situation. As a Life Coach you will work with your clients on a one-to-one basis assisting them with their life, career and personal development.

  • Why Do People Use Life Coaches?

    Absolutely everybody can benefit from Coaching! People use Life Coaching to help them stay on track in all areas of life. Life Coaching is very empowering for anyone at any level who really wants to bring about significant change. Life Coaching is designed to help you develop the holistic skills necessary to help clients create balance in all aspects of their life.

  • What Can I Expect From The Classes?

    Training to be a coach is exciting, challenging, fun and fulfilling. During your time as a student at Mindstream you will work hand in hand with the facilitators to develop your skills.

    Each module will be thoroughly explained and we encourage all our students to ask questions and explore the boundaries of coaching. The classes consist of formal lectures combined with small discussion groups, practical exercises and role-play. The emphasis is on learning by doing, and for each module you attend, you will be asked to practice the techniques involved.

  • Is There Much Work to be Done Outside of the Class?

    Each week students will be expected to coach one other student and also to receive coaching from another – usually done on the phone. In addition there will be some reading and projects to undertake along with research and written assignments.

  • How is the Assessment for the Diploma Carried Out?

    Each student will be assessed on an on-going basis. The majority of the assessment is based on observations of your practical work in the classroom. In addition there will be a written assignment to evaluate your knowledge of the subject and there will also be one or more formal observation to test your practical coaching skills. You may also be asked to provide a taped coaching session for additional assessment. Also In order to achieve your Diploma you will also need to meet our minimum attendance requirements.

  • Why do Only the Best Coaches Achieve a Mindstream Diploma?

    As an independently accredited training facility, Mindstream formally assesses all students before they receive their coaching qualification. In order to maintain standards and to ensure that your Diploma qualification continues to be highly respected, there may be times when we feel that we cannot award the Diploma to a particular student. If you do not pass the Diploma, you will be invited back for further training at no extra cost until such time as we believe you have achieved the standard necessary to receive your Diploma.

  • Does The Course Have Accreditation?

    Mindstream is fully accredited with the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. IACPM provide two types of accreditation, one for the coach-practitioner (you) and one for coach-training providers (Mindstream).


    It is essential to study through an approved training company, which has obtained accreditation from a reputable and genuinely independent external body. On successful completion of the course, it is up to the individual graduate to then seek their own personal accreditation from the accreditation body of their choice. Mindstream has a “Level 7” rating for the Diploma course qualification from IAPCM.

  • Why Use Mindstream For My Life Coach Training? A: We only use facilitators who are both professional coaches and accredited trainers.

    Training Coaches is our passion, we have trained many thousands of Life Coaches since 2002 and we are Ireland’s longest established coach-training provider. We have the experience. When you attend a Mindstream Coaching Course you will find yourself in the company of inspiring people who love what they do. However, being great at what you do does not necessarily mean that you will be great facilitator. All Mindstream’s courses are run by professionally accredited trainers and coaches who are not only successful coaches in their own right but are also professional trainers with registered ‘Train the Trainer’ accreditation. Some More Good Reasons To Use Mindstream Below:

    Refresh Your Coaching At Any Time – At No Extra Cost
    Access to an unlimited amount of future Life Coaching classes at no extra charge. When you study Life coaching with us, you will be taking in a lot of new information. We want to make sure you really understand and integrate all of this information so you can really put it into action in your coaching. That is why, if at any time you would like to re-visit a topic from the Diploma course, no need to contact us, just drop in to any Life Coaching Diploma class and refresh your skills.

    Free unlimited mentoring to support your coaching skills after graduation.
    Anytime you need some advice or guidance with a coaching issue or a client, just call us and our team will be glad to advise you.

  • If I Decide Not To Work As A Coach, Will The Course Be Of Any Benefit To Me?

    Absolutely yes. The course is aimed at developing strong self-empowerment and personal growth in the participants. These techniques will be of enormous benefit to anyone interested in self-growth and the techniques can be used in one’s personal situation.

  • If I Work As A Self-Employed Life Coach, Will I Get Assistance In Setting Up A Practice?

    While not all students want to set up in a business of their own, Mindstream recognises that marketing skills are an important aspect of the Life Coaching profession. So whether you are self-employed or promoting your coaching within a corporate setting, you will receive guidance on marketing your skills.

  • Is There A Difference Between Life Coaching & Executive Coaching?

    The Life Coaching Diploma course offers comprehensive training in the Core Coaching Skills, which will allow you to coach anyone in any situation and includes “Workplace Coaching”. Life Coaching assists clients create a work-life balance, make better decisions, assist them with career changes, reduce stress, make a bigger impact on the world, have better relationships, reach their health and fitness goals, get in touch with their creativity, increase their income and better manage their time.


    Essentially all coaching, whether Executive Or Life is about supporting the client and giving them the tools they need to succeed on their personal journey. However, you may wish to specialise in Executive Coaching which requires having a business background and experience in a business environment.


    An Executive Coach usual works with middle and senior management along with Human Resource Departments to assist them develop the skills of their staff, increase productivity and profitability. It also involves offering support to small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up companies and owner/managers to help them to run proficient operations, launch new businesses and thrive in a competitive environment. Life/Personal coaching is often an integral part of executive coaching assisting the individual deal with personal issues.

  • What Sorts Of Opportunities Are There In Life Coaching?

    Once you are qualified as a coach there are a number of different areas you can choose to specialise in. Many Life coaches find themselves drawn to a particular niche for which they have a passion. There are as many fields of coaching as there are companies and individuals. Once you are qualified as a coach there are a number of different areas you can choose to specialise in.

  • Can Anyone Be A Life Coach?

    Mindstream offers a professional and comprehensive Life coach training programme to assist you to become a qualified, professional Life Coach in an achievable format. While we encourage everyone who has an interest in Life Coaching to talk to us about their aspirations, we believe it takes a special type of person to be an effective coach. We believe the most important qualification you need to be a coach is the ability to communicate and, even more importantly, the ability to listen and to ask powerful questions.


    The Mindstream course will help you to build on these techniques as well as giving you the tools designed to help your client find powerful solutions for their issues and goals. All Mindstream Diploma graduates must complete and achieve an 80% pass or more success rate on the weekend Certificate course before completing and passing our requirements for the full Diploma. If for whatever reason we do not believe you would enjoy coaching, we will take the time to talk to you about other areas, which may better utilise your talents.

  • What Assistance Is Available After I Graduate?

    At Mindstream we’re committed to your success. We provide telephone support for one-year to all graduates. You may also re-attend any similar Mindstream course free-of-charge at any time in the future.

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