Why Choose Mindstream For Your Life Coach Training?

As Ireland’s longest established Life Coach Training provider, well we like to think we must be doing something right, and one of the reasons for our success is that once you have graduated from our diploma course, it’s not over because we just keep on giving to our graduates.

We are the only company providing the following great support offers:

  • Free Refresh Your Life Coach Training at Any Time.
    When you complete any training-course with us, you can attend an unlimited amount of future Life Coaching classes - of a similar level - at no extra charge. We want to make sure you really understand and integrate all of the new skills you have learnt and put them into action, so if at any time you would like to re-visit a topic from the Diploma or Certificate course, or repeat the entire course, just call us and book your place.
  • Free Unlimited Mentoring & Coaching for you.
    Anytime you need some guidance with a coaching issue or a client, just call us and our team will be glad to assist you.

Other Reasons to Choose Mindstream

  • Inspirational Trainers.
    When you attend a Mindstream Coaching Course you will find yourself in the company of inspiring trainers who love what they do and are ready to demonstrate hands-on professional coaching techniques.
  • We get Amazing Reviews.
    Visit our reviews section and read what our graduates have to say.
  • We Offer a Weekend Introduction Course.
    Not sure you want to commit to a full diploma course? We want you to experience what’s involved in a life coaching course and our training style before committing to a full diploma course, so we created a Certificate Life Coaching course, which is fully accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

Get Started Now
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Anytime you need some advice or guidance with a coaching issue or a client, just contact us and our team will be glad to advise you.